The weight of BR from 4 to 1 optimization webmaster can think of

now is a ten, shopping festival, rich life, poor owners are still struggling in the first line! At this moment, dare not think small balance on Alipay, but the recall of a website, it is a unforgettable story. Yes, love Shanghai BR weight from 4 to 1, leading the optimization webmaster can think of what things? Please listen to me carefully……

do not think, because of programming, immediately contacted a programmer, 800 yuan to do a website. At the same time, thinking about the trouble, buy a space in Hongkong. 2014 is a year of struggle. What no new basic station promotion, all in the plateau and the update. In addition to the Spring Festival or special things, keep 4 more every day (late 2 or more). There are efforts to return the love of Shanghai weight eventually rose to BR4, many tea industry ranked first.

this is a tea specialty site, built in November 2013, is the first truly small business small project! As everyone knows, Ma and other chiefs have said more than once, the future belongs to the health industry, green food, or rural electricity supplier would not develop so fast. Plus small home tea, efficacy and effect of Camellia Oil know how strong. So, do a website to think, perhaps the success of

? ?

1, love Shanghai update too slow. Such a serious horse events, still need a year’s time. In Shanghai dragon Er mind, love is like Shanghai is equal to anything, "the inconstant in policy". Actually otherwise, love Shanghai data update too slow. So, the webmaster do not impatience, it is not necessary to see Shanghai dragon ranking data live every day. You are right, stick to it, lasting a little, will surely return. As for business, think of short-term effect, unless you have a lot of resources.


2014 August, Ali cloud host, for the record, join the love of Shanghai alliance. In fact, during this period, the heart of this website has been abandoned. In 2015 January, due to their inability to sell the site distracted. Then, find buyers for horse, home 1 seconds to jump to Bo Cai grey website. Half a year later (end of October), love Shanghai data update, weight from 4 to 1 BR, almost no ranking.

3, selling sites also have to think clearly. The site sold, does not matter, there are.

2, a website before the layout. Good website, operation is not easy, more difficult to modify. A small series of tea website, start thinking about the specialty business, can not think of the actual operation is very difficult, at least not to fix the "part-time". Then, want to do Wangmeng, but because the keywords limit too little, not to give up the revision.

BR from 4 to 1, small (owners) can think what

According to the website

BR website weight from 4 to 1

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