The search engine is how to look at the reverse link below

page retention time: if the user clicks on a link and >

changes: changes in content, especially the change of the subject, then the effect will reduce the reverse link. General web content is increased without change, especially the large scope of the theme of change, will be on their own ability to vote is changed.

link duration: Overall, the long link has more advantages. In general, a link at least 4 weeks or more to play a role, so the longer the more links can play good role. If the time is very short, it may disappear in the search engine has not been calculated.

hits: click on the link rate from some aspects determines the importance of links, click on the behavior of the user will be search engine statistics, click on the link will be understood as more popular with users, so the importance and authority will give extra points.


domain name transfer times: although everyone has been concerned about the impact of macroeconomic factors ranked, but here and we put the number of enumerated domain name transfer. Baby for noble domain registrar qualifications, but does not directly provide registration service users, the aim is to get the domain name registration information through this initiative. Love Shanghai has plans in this regard. If all of the domain name has not changed, indicating the site in continuous operation, it will be cumulative trust. Once the hands, its trust will also be affected, search engines need to reconsider. So even if some domain name is very old, but was sold much, quality also decreased.

link components: if the reverse link of a website are from BBS signature, blog comments, then this link is clearly not too much weight, would be regarded as spam links, if there is some other site links are recommended from the text or blog, then the search engine will be a plus.

reverse link page other links: not only one page of the ability to vote is decided by its own weight, but also will be affected by the export link. If the link is a high quality website, would increase their ability to vote. If the link are garbage station, then the role will be reduced.

Whether the contents of

is in the search engine is how to look at the reverse link (on), from nine aspects respectively summarized, respectively is the number of links and the ability to vote, increase speed, content, pages, anchor text, text, links around the location, domain name age. These conditions have decided the quality of reverse link, then the above article continues today and share with you.

Effect of

for the first time included time: This is a detail, the domain name is earlier, the page to be made sooner, so this page is more likely to trust, from these pages link value will be increased. Because the original page generally do not exist or link cheating behavior, so the search engine gives a higher degree of trust.

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