Webmaster forum station love Shanghai DZ plug in to upgrade

finally attach plug-ins use and operation steps:

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2, such as has not been deployed love Shanghai station search user, click the "login" can be completed at the same time to realize the functions of data submission and 4> forum.

if you are not aware of the love of Shanghai DZ plugin, but please you know: the above problem this plug-in can be easily achieved.

special tips: 1, as has been deployed to love Shanghai station search box, and set the style of the site, after installing the plugin can realize fast submit forum data, can ignore the "login";

of course, if you love Shanghai Discuz! The old user structured data plug-in, you think it is nonsense. But please don’t go, the upgrade included to enhance the timeliness, and submit the relevant data and user support forum, in addition to let you easily have fall in love with the sea search — yes, that is based on love Shanghai powerful search technology, realize the search results to show China Lili structured, supported by user according to section search benefits of a set of the love Shanghai station search! A new version of the DZ plugin that allows you a key deployment, eliminating all kinds of troubles.


you know the content of your site can be in love Shanghai web search results in a structured form of


2, enter the Discuz! – love Shanghai backstage application structured data submission page

      A5 station network April 1st news recently, Shanghai Webmaster Platform said love love Shanghai Discuz! Structured data plug-in will upgrade, the upgraded DZ plugin to enhance the love of Shanghai included the timeliness, and submit the relevant data and user support forum, in addition can also deploy love Shanghai station search, improve station search performance.

you know the website to submit data to love Shanghai there was an "automatic" channel




to Discuz! 贵族宝贝addon.discuz贵族宝贝/ @baidusubmit.plugin 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/dataplug/index application center? Or download and install the latest version of the Discuz plugin for 1.0.7

      the announcement is as follows:

3, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform registered account click "login", you can open the love Shanghai search

how your web site in Shanghai included the effect of speed?? content?

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