The webmaster we want to develop your mind

we want to do it unique, to have a brand effect. For example, Lu Songsong, we all know, the beginning is unknown, slowly on the people know, slowly is omniscient. Although this time is a bit long, people have the ability to persist. Do imitation stations are basically siwuquanshi, can do new in order to be different based, what people have Internet, what can be done, to see is to understand the development of.


Shanghai, the most important thing is to have good analytical skills, I said yes, do not believe you look down. Should first turn to lay the foundation, your website can not code out of order, but website should be concise and clear, prominent theme, code clear, probably is the base of these.

贵族宝贝 Shenzhen: Shanghai dragon, please keep forwarding links, welcome to discuss.

we have huge resources, what can we do? What our website in the front row? We fight over people resources fight? No, this is not feasible, but most people are still in the original hair, the hair of the chain. I just said, why some people are not included, the chain is not much, but the ranking is very good? It is enough to prove, do not have to be fully in line in front of resources. But we still have to accumulate our natural resources. Do you know what I mean?

optimization, we first consider a question: analysis of the top three competitors, why they are in the top three. Second: how to make our website in the front row, talent shows itself in many websites. Well, you have probably the blueprints… I emphasize that we are not here to imitate others.

The original For

often see some of Shanghai dragon articles in each big Adsense BBS, but rarely found are all the dry cargo, offer all kinds of things, in addition to the original, or original, in addition to the high quality chain, high quality or the chain. I want to be a word, why some sites not included, the chain is not much, and was ranked in the front row of

every day someone asked, how to do the K website? What keywords row up? Why love Shanghai not included? Why ranking fell one hundred thousand, why, oh… It’s all about keywords, included, right down, excessive optimization, drainage, original, chain. Every day, who is very powerful, do rankings are good, who are newbier, the number of monthly income of W, there are many people in the misleading of countless people every day. Of course not, but not those spam posts, real dry cargo less and less, who will share out, up to you a little bit of thinking, think to yourself. What things are not dead, insist, but also to understand the transformation of thinking.

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