The practice of share Shanghai Longfeng analysis after single operation process planning

3, website production, is a dynamic website, or pseudo static, or static? Don’t doubt that the effect of

1, website development history: domain name registration date, and for the new domain, and the domain name registration institution. For the domain name registration date, and whether the new domain name, Shanghai dragon Er all that represents what, here is not to do that. Then the influence of the domain name registration institution is what? I want to say is DNS


here’s just ignore the first details on the industry analysis, the former must have a certain understanding, we just say some of the process followed by sexual problems:

people as the main body of the operation planning can win economic benefits in website construction and optimization, obtain high income. There is also a part of the market for meet website optimization and seek value, these people are called Shanghai dragon er. Through the search engine rules of exploration, make reasonable optimization scheme on site command ranking to improve. The optimization may be familiar with the flow of the veterans after receiving orders to do. How new Shanghai Longfeng Er planning to customers a satisfactory answer? In accordance with the scheme optimization, to improve work efficiency, and professional occupation.

: a comprehensive diagnostic analysis of

2, the web server: what is the site of the IP (Telecom or China Unicom or multi line or CND acceleration, and is independent of IP); the server type is: virtual host VPS or host independent XOR (its configuration is high, its performance is also better natural); site stability analysis (site stability, always it is a fatal factor, influence the site development a needless to say); with the IP website (a point can not be ignored with the number of IP sites is less, the optimization effect is more effective), presumably not many people to take independent IP do the dumpster!

3, website optimization analysis: whether experienced optimization, the effect how, how the effect of ranking. And the website experienced many times before and after the revision, changed some of what kind of content, a recent revision or replace the server on that day.

stability is very important!The analysis of

analysis of 2, the website structure, whether there is uneven distribution of weight phenomenon of website structure, whether the implementation of the tree structure category

site if there are TAGS tags, site map, Robots.txt files, etc. classification is beneficial to optimization function or plug-in search search engine advantage.

three: site orientation and thematic analysis

two: website structure optimization analysis


language, ASP PHP and even influence the XOR, encoding can be more or less part of the search engine optimization effect.

1 of the website, is very big!4,

site location >

websiteThe analysis of

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