Look at the relationship between Shanghai and UEO from Shanghai dragon love angle

2, UEO is the ultimate goal of Shanghai dragon

Shanghai dragon

UEO, Shanghai dragon these concepts, many webmaster in practice put forward on the basis of summing up the. In the website optimization process, a lot of problems.

UEO is to improve the user experience for the principle, improve the site function, structure, operation, visual, and stick to visitors, improve site traffic. Love Shanghai website to enhance the user experience, we have to meet the requirements of the love of Shanghai, will also make UEO. Stand in love Shanghai’s point of view, we should be the purpose of Shanghai dragon UEO, only the correct direction of love, Shanghai will be more popular with our website. The UEO of the world factory, in the implementation of the 3 months later, the amount collected and site visits are greatly improved, without trying to send a chain of circumstances, the chain number two growth of 30 million. Shanghai dragon to UEO as the goal, so you don’t have to worry about search engine punishment, the website will also enter the benign stage of development.

1, Shanghai dragon just means

webmaster friends know, here do not do much to explain. In the 5 years of Shanghai Longfeng experience, find some webmaster friends rely too much on the Shanghai dragon, the author thinks that a means of Shanghai dragon just website optimization, website optimization and is just a process of website operation. Shanghai dragon love Shanghai excessive punishment case, there have been many famous Adsense website Chinaz, A5. From the angle of love love Shanghai consider, Shanghai is the search engine, it hope that users can find valuable and good experience of the above content, this is the value of the existence of love Shanghai. Just grab this point, the site has clear optimization direction, namely to increase the useful content, increase the degree of user experience.

3, UEO’s goal of website optimization

search engine optimization, UEO User Experience Optimization abbreviation, namely the user experience optimization, and both are exactly what relationship? According to his own 5 years of Shanghai dragon industry experience, talk about their own views. Stand in love the Shanghai perspective, in website optimization, Shanghai dragon is just one of the means, UEO is the goal, the goal of UEO website optimization.

I think, to do UEO must be considered from all aspects of the web site, such as the access speed, the value of content, page appearance, ease of use, navigation, clear and easy to registered convenient etc.. Must be completely stood in the angle of visitors to consider when doing UEO, not as a designer, you can find many details decide the success or failure of UEO. UEO well, you just love Shanghai a unified goal, love Shanghai will be more in favor of your website. This is a virtuous cycle of the process, the author of the world factory nets are go this way, through the establishment of UEO to conform to the optimal site requirements of love Shanghai.

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