Cherish life away from the Shanghai Dragon

actually, I want to say is, Shanghai dragon has limitations too big, is not suitable for everyone, for example a lot of Shanghai Longfeng are technical training, obtain a ranking technique, ranking does not necessarily have to flow, the flow is not necessarily money, want to make money, or to rely on "Tao" Royal "operation" what is "Dao" is the essence?. The essence of Shanghai dragon is to reduce the cost. What is the purpose of Shanghai dragon? Free search engine accurate flow. What is the purpose of flow? To sell their products and services or others. A word or "sell", this involves marketing, is the conversion rate, conversion rate relates to many artists, customer service, copywriting, typesetting, layout and so on. This is your ranking, but didn’t have the reason why traffic flow, do not make money.

whether bidding, Shanghai dragon, SEM, video, classification, community, is a tool to get traffic, the purpose is the flow, we want to use the tool, rather than by using tools. If you can use video station, love Shanghai know, it attracted traffic, you do not need to use the site, can be used in the page to get traffic, do not need to use the home page, can not bid Shanghai dragon, can fix with a few links rankings do not need to use the station group. Just think, a few minutes can use video station row >

haven’t talked about Shanghai Longfeng, basically, I know people are engaged in Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is engaged, basically, have a common point, people are forced to suffer. Of course, there are exceptions, can be developed, or to do the training, or into the legend of the expert, or have their own resources and project.

then Shanghai Longfeng for what people, products, goods, resources, project, service, can sell their own people, the original traffic cost is very high, and now want to reduce the cost by Shanghai dragon, to obtain accurate traffic free, is this kind of person. What is not, what to do with Shanghai dragon to go, without exception, are to do guest, do CPS to CPA, then the good point is to find a job in Shanghai Longfeng, a screw others money machine screw, screw broken, rusty. You can change a. So, if you want to know, you have to build their own money machine, or be a screw.

often search, see page Amoy piles of uniform station, was going to be sick. Because too much garbage station flood, cause love Shanghai know, Post Bar, space shield guest links, there are 360 browser, and a cat, led only by Shanghai Longfeng flow of Amoy road more and more narrow. Basically, flooding Amoy tutorial, is the guest do not go to the tutorial, a man ran into the mountains, heaps of people escape. From the search engine, single page station also difficult to have good rankings, poor user experience, hidden articles, put all the weight up to the home page, is cheating, so, the ranking is not long and unstable in the sense of.

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