Grassroots webmaster Shanghai dragon journey began in second steps how to choose the space

2. space support component

our space according to what procedures to select, 2 PHP or ASP basic.

(space server WD above is my choice.

website space service providers a grasp of a lot, we choose the space service providers must not blindly buy, but also look at the space service providers of credit, technical support, and brand and so on, whether the formal space service providers, with the stability of the server space need technical support is awesome to guarantee, service providers do not have space the strength, will not provide good service not to mention what the spatial stability. Even some of the space in order to save resources, deliberately shielding spider love Shanghai, don’t let him crawl, causing the site will not be included in the search engine love Shanghai, then you have a tragedy.


host configuration as shown in figure


, 1 space service providers


stability of our site space on the influence of the ranking is very important. The data show that our website ranking has been good, but because the space is not stable, open, lead to drop right about not ranked. It is back to the night before liberation ah, let you die awful. So we should choose the critical space stability. Here we show a little bit more choice problem.



host function support

last time we choose a good domain name, and then bought a space, and then find people are wasting a lot of time, website, website this thing I do not really understand, so I only slowly, what the code HTML looked at with English also annoyed, finally completed. Now to tell you how to choose our space. If not selected, is equal to their achievements completely ruined.

For example,

I use the product stand so long as the PHP program is good. Select the Linux system for a long time, I had tangled system problems, in fact, they were not a safe point, is a practical point, almost.


space support component

support for the formation of space also have requirements, such as 404, 301, pseudo static, online decompression, directory protection, traffic restrictions, acceleration and other basic functions, we should also look at the choice of our industry to face the user group to choose, set up more perfect and better support the general situation, otherwise it will be in later when the program change error. There are several essential functions of website. 301, 404, ISS log, data backup, FTP management, independent control panel, the data in the register to carefully understand.

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