Using the word segmentation technology makes the title keyword ranking before more

such as "Qingyuan site optimization", under the title "Qingyuan website optimization, first choice" Qingyuan website ranking to give priority to "Qingyuan Shanghai dragon _ website optimization, first choice" Qingyuan Website Title

1, the title, description words control

website keyword segmentation technology

1, the optimization principle of all keywords one prior to a keyword segmentation, and so on…

2, the title, key words to describe the word design

as the title and description of the same " Qingyuan Shanghai dragon ", than only appears in the title "Qingyuan Shanghai dragon" ranking also depends on the


Description: not more than 72 Chinese characters ", often described by introduction, to attract users, only the full display to let users know more about website content

3, …

2, appear in the order: the key words, the ranking is preferred

Title participle: take Qingyuan Shanghai dragon, "Qingyuan website" is also a target keywords I, but the title did not appear "Qingyuan website", as shown in figure

map with the truth


two, the rational use of love Shanghai segmentation technology let the website ranking more before

independent segmentation, I found the title and description combination can also produce more keywords, take Qingyuan Shanghai dragon, the title does not "optimize" two words, but the description there, so the search "Qingyuan site optimization", also have good rankings


In addition to the title

Title: not more than 32 Chinese characters ", because only love Shanghai search results in the title shows 32 Chinese characters, if exceeded, display does not affect the user clicks the


, a reasonable use of love Shanghai let more

The Keywords

ranking: the word competition is relatively small, but not at all to do optimization



written in the last: These are some of the blog usually found in practice Xiao Li, is summarizing the research practice of several web sites on their own, there may be some one-sided, such as a good, happy.

we do the webmaster should understand the love of Shanghai (do not know what is the word segmentation technology please love Shanghai, love Shanghai) the word segmentation technology to share his own opinion in the.

keyword appears position and the repetition rate was

this is well understood, search for "Guangzhou website promotion" in front of the rankings, usually with the title "Guangzhou website promotion" to


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