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so we and other webmaster exchange Links, not only thought to rank and do this thing, the key words Links into target keywords. We should add some guidance or marketing of words based on keywords, the stone fish as an example, we can expand into 2013 new characteristics of stone fish. Compare will be found, such as user >

Links is one of the most important way for medium and small Adsense high weight links to the source, so the webmaster is very focused on this aspect. In order to general keywords ranking will be the webmaster to your target keywords in exchange for like, because I see the website statistics every day, this time I see every day there are several IP comes from the Links office, this Links to me a new thinking, can we do Links just in order to keywords ranking? Of course web site keywords ranking is very important for every website, there is no denying the fact that nobody. But today I want to say is Links value not only can bring a good ranking, that is supposed to bring traffic, and even bring the user (or customer). We need to play to the maximum value of Links.

In fact, if

since I have this idea, when I exchange Links will see each other website user groups, in order to make precise marketing, keywords we choose to meet each other website user’s appetite. In fact, this is not very difficult to judge, can see from each other in the title. Even if the relevance of our two sites less fit, we can change some title together, such as we are doing the stone fish, do catering to the site, we can put the words into a restaurant features stone fish, so that the characteristics of catering and stone fish can be tied together the related. Of course, this means you can’t cheat, or you will know the counter, because if you deceive the user, the user will leave your site immediately to your site by the bounce rate is too high, so your site will become bad experience.

users click on our website for Links, is beneficial to both sides. If the user to click on your website Links, then your website provides a valuable link, this part of the weight of your site as you can get, so in this regard, we must have an open mind. Don’t click on the Links will take the user to the website of others to go up, the quality of Links is a complement to your website, search engines will calculate this value. Of course, for when we do Links, also need to find ways to allow users to click on our link, because the search engine when calculating a link weight, this link will be active in the calculation. The more people click on the link that this link is more valuable, residence time, of course this also involves the link to the website of PV, comprehensive factors and so on the judgment of the bounce rate. But click is the most basic, is also the first step as well.

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