You still love Shanghai site every day Love Shanghai update how long a professional answer

here for everyone to talk about habits of love Shanghai generally update it, if not accurate, please comments:

on Wednesday there will be a small update, regardless of your ranking up or down, don’t sad or excited, because today’s update is " " is not accurate; we, commonly known as "chaos update on Wednesday". Online reference example: estimate that you have seen many similar. The Wednesday update is often chaotic. Often for no reason and some out of order ranking. Two examples. More than 20 days ago, Wednesday update. A friend of the " video conference; " the word. In second place was a station of the domain name expires. A snapshot or half a year ago. After opening. Direct is " the domain has expired. Click here to renew " let a lot of people feel very depressed. Go to the domain name registration.

: Wednesday Wednesday

has not added the friend, remember to add some articles, don’t let the spider Baipaoyitang yo, if the spider found your site not diligent, included your article update rate can be greatly reduced! Come on!

large monthly update rules:

weekly update rules:

general love of Shanghai on Thursday will be an update, this time, the Monday time to prepare for the collection, such as adding some of the original article, increase the number of links and the like, are good for ranking.

on Monday: to carry out the preparatory work in advance for the collection of

love Shanghai is the search of the boss, the absolute flow advantage, occupy a 70% share of the search market, although controversial, but he cannot bury you website is an important part of income. So we have to follow in any case love Shanghai temper. As a qualified webmaster, more love Shanghai time updating rules, eliminating the trouble of site every day, more time to improve and perfect the service function of Shanghai dragon website. If a bar and fell in love with the sea will Sike in the end, like Wang Tong cup with some awful ah ~ ~

This time ) update on Chaos

love Shanghai monthly roughly 2 big update, No. 11 and No. 26 No. /28, especially the 26 No. /28, the biggest update, K stood up.

Thursday: finally judge the big update a week!

love Shanghai in terms of rules can be divided into: 2 times a month to update and weekly updates.

many QQ friends asked me what love Shanghai included my website, how long an update of such problems. Here we have a unified answer to Shanghai dragon friend refers to a beacon.

big update every week, this is the most.

: continue to be ready on Tuesday included ~


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