The subversion of the traditional Links swap mode for chain artifact PK360 chain platform

360 brand effective support for users basically do not know 360, while 360 of the search engine market share has been a gradual increase in the degree of trust, so there is no problem.


chain platform launched on the Webmaster Platform have reproduced, you also can know the first time, and fell in love with the sea long time against the chain, not a good friend chain platform on the market, during which 360 open chain platform inadvertently median webmaster’s nature it is not a problem rush about telling the news around spreading resources.


friends!360: Common

360 platform


chain artifact: client system swap by a Links independent development of Yueyang chain world network limited company, is also the first will be a chain exchange from the site moved to the client software inside Links exchange system.

When the 360

some time ago to view the automatic chain 360, a look at the results, all JS calls, although relatively fast search engine technology development, may 360 can identify their JS call link, but other search engines can not identify.

advantage: official background, strong confidence

360 chain platform

two platform is in the chain steps were simplified, to avoid unnecessary communication and exchange in the exchange process is direct and simple three steps to complete the chain of

chain artifact screenshot

chain platform launched by the 360 official, is also the first search engine by the official push out Links exchange platform;

how many of my friends have a look at the title, probably this is a soft speculation, although there are extended ingredients inside, but more is to compare the two friends of the chain platform’s strengths and weaknesses, so often change the link to better choose

two advantages: abundant resources


position: Shanghai dragon parameter display is not complete, the resources of low quality;

for the exchange, to audit on both chain



360 itself is a search engine platform, so the show is not perfect the parameters of Shanghai dragon. Currently only shows: site classification, search included PR, ALEXA 360, so a few simple parameters. For the owners only, want to know more of the parameters, such as: love Shanghai included, snapshots, 360 snapshots, outbound links and so on, so as to make accurate judgment for the link.

three: automatic chain JS call

after a simple introduction, we have respectively on the two chain platform to do a detailed comparison of the advantages and disadvantages:

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