The fifteen step depth analysis of the website of Shanghai Longfeng degree

six, breadcrumbs, bottom navigation is the correct application of

listen to the author analysis.

three, website link is absolutely

five, whether there is a site map

is building 404 error page meaning, website appear dead links, users can access, through the establishment of the error page to guide the user back into the site, to restore the loss of some users. Of course, the spider crawl error, 404 error page can also guide the spider returned to the site continue to crawl to the search engine is friendly.

is the established 404 pages, return the HTTP header information must be 404, this can through the webmaster tools to check. If the return is 200, the spider will think site there are many repeated page, not friendly.

frame structure or div nested deep is not conducive to the website optimization, hamper the spider crawling. The general program to set the user to page in four clicks, deep will lead to the site pages included not fully.

, check the

is the link to prevent the site is mirror, according to URL standard (of course website changes not convenient).

site map is the site of the thumbnails, can lead to a spider crawling website, especially for the column deep web site map is a must, and can help the inside pages included more fully.


check the binding domain name, if only with 3W and top level domain analysis, to determine whether the 301 to determine the main domain name, weight. Domain name weight usually give love Shanghai without 3W is relatively high, can not bring 3W domain name as the main domain name.

four, 404 new error page

binding domain

two, website structure is conducive to spider crawling (or frame columns too deep is not conducive to optimizing the

breadcrumb navigation has improved user experience, can help users recognize themselves on a web site’s position, on the other hand make web links more closely, increase the spider crawling channel, guide the spider crawling. The bottom navigation similar to the bread crumbs navigation role, of course, can add a few appropriate home page links, increase keyword density, but avoid excessive added, so as to avoid the punishment of cheating.

seven, JS, CSS or package, the external call

It is important to note that

JS, CSS package external calls, greatly reduce the web page code. Complex redundant code for spiders, spiders are useless, want to grab the content is, not the code. Too much code will only cause spider >

how to quickly detect a website of the Shanghai dragon, analyze website search engine optimization and the deficiencies of the next optimization guide,

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