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for example, I want to build a website about mining machinery now, early in the construction site, filling content on the site, we should choose the mining machinery professional knowledge to draw the attention of the audience. Was the focus of mining machinery is not many, so we add content when appropriate to add some engineering aspects, so that potential customers to expand the scope, such as the Alibaba of the mining machinery products in industrial products, mining machinery in the hc360贵族宝贝 engineering machinery and other sites, to attract target customers with relevant content; but there is also a single professional, such as Chinese mining machinery simply do mining machinery, so it is more difficult in the promotion, can this website customer fixed rate is higher, as long as customers love this website will be continued attention.

two. The construction of the chain: the chain of the construction of the main purpose is to improve website weight, improve the site in the search engine’s ranking amount. A professional website to do a good job in the construction of the chain must have the following points: 1. in the same industry site outside the chain, perhaps now some owners in the chain of time regardless of the consequence as long as they are able to stay outside the chain just left, you do not know is just a waste of time without any effect on website promotion, by increasing the number and can not achieve a qualitative change, so in the chain to find those better than their own website with the industry website may stay in front to stay relatively difficult, but you will find yourself, find some content >

professional website refers to the special independent do a specific content of the website, the main features of professional, targeted and narrow. Because of its specific content determines its target customer is only a part of the crowd, do so in the Shanghai dragon, and the ordinary optimization and there are some differences. In the process of pushing different optimization methods, will produce different results, through the practice of webmaster want to grope for their own site optimization

. The content construction in building professional content must be strong, to allow customers to produce a sense of trust, not false information; from time to time with the new specialty related content materials sometimes not timely; with the relevant professional, can choose some content connected to fill the website; website content to try to be original or pseudo original, improve website weight, enhance the search engine. The quality of a good website content is a must, in order to attract two customers visit or visits.

website in addition to personal interest is to promote their brands and expand their channels, let our target customers know us, understand us. So that they are interested in our products and services, access to more potential customers, for our enterprises or products bring profit point. The key is to identify the influence of target customers, target customers, and service and target customers. Shanghai dragon makes our network in the search engine rankings, easy to search for many people. As the saying goes, the content is king, the chain for the emperor, then I will from the content and the chain briefly discuss professional web site of the Shanghai Dragon:

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