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was optimized according to their own website, it is customary to use the title of the inside pages, and as far as possible with a little more keywords, content also appears in the title key word at least three times, increase keyword density, increase the chance of ranking. If the use of external website, that is some information publishing platform, this way is relatively fast, but the customers want to enter the website is more troublesome, because must first go through other platforms, and then enter the website. If we can through the external platform optimization, it also more than one threshold, the user will enter the site is still a question. But I personally feel that with external optimization platform is the best platform for publishing information portal. Trust will be relatively high.

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as a webmaster, everyone knows the importance of long tail keywords and long tail keywords, the medical industry demand has been Everfount, these long tail keywords can bring is gold and silver, although each long tail keywords to bring customers is not much, but it will get a large number of accumulated profits. At present, the medical world is the long tail of the world, its profits can be even more than popular keywords in the world. As the medical industry, the long tail keywords competition can be said to be quite intense, everyone for long tail keywords can each be of interest, and even launched a frenzied competition, now many medical websites not only on their website optimization of long tail keywords, also using some classified information website optimization long tail keywords weight high, then customers through the search engine to see that such information from the information classification site again into their website. The two method is the most common means.

and the medical industry is actually a financial competition in the industry, if you vote.

optimization of long tail keywords, as long as you do, put this method into full play, will have a certain effect. Before doing a keyword must have a psychological framework, first in mind, and plan how to do and do it well. How then the possibility and difficulty on Optimization Analysis of this key, the general search rate is the keyword easier optimization, and conversion rate of this part is the highest. For example, we can put the people of this table, and then choose to optimize your keywords as painless, painless and from starting, make a list of all long tail keywords to optimize your every day, several fixed optimization etc..

optimization of these long tail keywords if in order to quickly obtain rankings, if your site weight is very high, so, can choose to publish on its website, or you can choose some weight high website optimization as a carrier, for example, Yi Long and 58 part information websites etc.. The weight of these sites is very high, it is easy to get good rankings, at this time, we can rank to get through them, then draw their conversion into sites, of course, if to attract customers through text access to their target site this is another question.

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