How to get popular keywords flow easily


from "mad cat network" keywords the temporary heat, I found a little, it is know that. If you know how to find the new popular keywords, as long as around the keywords to write a good article, then we will be able to get good rankings, flow also came naturally. This keyword interested friends can write the "Pepper uncle, I want to write, but don’t think it’s necessary, certainly this traffic is not stable, it can be a test.

"mad cat network" the reason why there are so many people to pay attention to, because in the recent TV "impeccable master competitors". In the TV series mentioned a "mad cat network", a lot of people want to watch this TV drama did not know this company mad cat network ", so there will be such a large number of search, which will Qingyang brand is the reality of the existence of the.

I wrote "mad cat network: a fictitious video network company", in fact, I just try to do a test, "the mad cat keywords network". If interested friends can use love to check the keyword index in Shanghai, currently has about more than 800, the highest reached more than 1200, but the key competition can be said to be very small, very easy to do.

I first talk about the performance of it, it has just released yesterday, Google ranked third, Shanghai ranked seventh in love. This morning in Shanghai ranked third, but less than two hours, this article went to the second page, again let me burn in my synchronous online article ranking up. In fact, I have been in I burn nets set up not to let the search engines crawl I sync I burn in the online article, it seems that this love Shanghai or not obedient! Not only included, there is a good ranking. From this point we can see that love Shanghai not included your article is decided by it. If you want to collect, then how to set the useless. In other words, you have good originality, it doesn’t want you no way.



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