Let the new method several love Shanghai assessment period through in a short period of time

3) add the appropriate chain and

compared with those available, just ignore the Shanghai website, love is more love to update the regular web site, but also for these updates more regular website will give high weight, therefore, if the webmaster want new fast through the "assessment period", then at the usual time as long as you to update the site every day, believe that as long as a one or two fall in love with the sea of weeks after the update, love Shanghai will shorten your new "assessment period", to other pages included the content of the website

! website!When the

must have importance for host space webmaster should know this, so here people do not prepare eight Suo Luo in the word is a word, whether it is the webmaster in order to improve the quality of user access to the site, or to avoid the site is love Shanghai punishment, we must ensure that the quality is the webmaster halberd space hosts. To minimize the space host what problems on the line

if the updated high quality content is the site of the internal optimization, then the appropriate increase of the chain and the chain that can be said to be the site of the external optimization, why do you say that? I believe most webmaster have heard "the chain for the emperor, content is king" this sentence! It wants to improve the weight of the website, the two is the best way to improve the weights of the website, as long as your site weight increased, then the corresponding to your new love Shanghai "assessment period" will greatly shorten the time


just for a new online, the most annoying is let us love Shanghai included the home after a long period of time will continue in a page and not included in other pages, some new friends will ask why so long time not included, in fact, the reason is very simple, because for each just on the line the new station, love Shanghai will give it a "assessment period", and in the "assessment period" in Shanghai love only be included and update the website homepage, rarely included in other pages of content, what we do to the new fast through this new "assessment period"? I have for you introduce yourself to the website quickly through several aspects of the transition period to do.

for the domestic most of the webmaster, source of website content is only one, that is the acquisition or reproduced content from other sites, but reproduced to reprint, acquisition to gather, if webmaster want to fast through the love of Shanghai "for the new assessment period", so before the release is best for those with modified acquisition reprint the content slightly, to try to make these reprint collection from the content to the pseudo original effect to

station to do, should get all ready, the next thing to do is to ensure the stability of website ">



5) to ensure the stable operation of the

space! ! !

4) to ensure the quality and stability of the

2) to ensure the quality of the content of

website updated every day!

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