The server would influence ranking

log analysis of search engine spiders

that’s the server will have an impact on some insights into the rankings, but note that in the website optimization, the stability of the server can be said to be a very important factor, if the server often exhaust, search engines will be very difficult to give a very good website ranking, although America the server will be better in stability, but the owners in the choice of the server, or to the stability of the server test.

server speed impact on the ranking of

analysis of

from the included rate and included speed

wants to know the search engine will discriminate against foreign server, the most intuitive way is from the server log analysis and log in through long-term observation, will find the search engine spiders connection frequency will also be very high, and the number and the number of spider web articles updated with a certain degree of correlation. From the analysis of the log, the search engine on the server or the foreign alike.

website ranking has been a lot of enterprises and the owners are most concerned, because the server or host the United States has features from the record, the price is relatively low, so many owners will be favored on the server, but more concerned about optimizing the use of American server at home station will not conducive to some domestic search engine the. Here I will take personal experiences, share the server’s influence on the rankings.



in the web page collection rate, although issued by the author’s article there will be very few seconds of the phenomenon, after the release of over more than 600 articles, observed in the citation rate, the server also included rate can reach more than 90%, and the search engine index has been slow growth, indicating that the search engine on the server site search records rate is very awesome, as for the record search speed, I think the main quality and the relationship may have, after all, resource search engine good will immediately show up, and give a good ranking.

In the choice of

by Hostspace the server first, source: 贵族宝贝hostspac>

From the

server, a lot of people are in the speed of the server as a criterion, but this is not an absolute standard for search engines to this factor is the user experience of the website of the premise, as long as the site in the open on the speed of loading don’t appear too long. The basic search engine will not cause resentment. The authors use the server access speed of 185ms, after a certain site optimization and after compression, the site open speed is about 200ms, when the user first load does not appear when the site opened slowly phenomenon.

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