How changes the site will not be right down

7, increase the original content of

55 site to try to use the Shanghai Dragon Technology in the process, for the revision after the search engine information on your new website as soon as possible. Update submit site map, do some high quality external links, is required for the job.

2, to the website, good old website of the new interconnection, the new websites before the old site should be retained for a period of time, the old version of the website data retention.

3, do not arbitrarily change the page in the search engine rankings better, do not change the original URL of the site or have been included in web search engines may all fail results as can be imagined.

6, increase the site outside the chain

4, the original site if the performance of the search engine is very good, do not arbitrarily change the site structure. If the performance is not good in the search engine, the site structure should be considered comprehensive, directly set a good website structure.


during the update site, to keep updated every few original articles every day, love Shanghai love the original article, which also makes love Shanghai has reason to update your website. This will update your website, it is very important to keep the website weight next.

has a lot of friends on the site, because there is no prior to the web site, after a period of operation on the site, feel the site has a lot of shortcomings, so wanted to make the title and structure changes. But we all know, modify the site, to cause the search engine, which caused the website included snapshot, ranking, abnormal. How to minimize the abnormal situation? The only network to introduce several kinds of methods:

intends to revise the site title, please confirm your new title. So think good changes, if you modify the title today, tomorrow and that title is not good enough, then modify the title, so that frequent changes in website development is extremely unfavorable, attention, please modify the one-time good title, at least let love Shanghai that you stand not playing it.

made changes to the site will continue to increase in other related backlinks website. This can lead spider to your site, increasing the frequency of spider visits your site, so you can in the shortest possible time to update your website search engine.

The revision of the

tips: in the process of revision please don’t change the old station Links,

1, one-time modified Title

the above suggestions for reference, netizens, update the website title and procedures, must be careful, this site will be a positive development.

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