Experience for a number of days to restore the site experience

recently love Shanghai in the adjustment, I think a lot of people all know, and the increase of PR, I don’t know why I always love in Shanghai ranked second and third levels, no matter how hard I try to do the ranking is always not, always linger here, looking at many sites are beyond me and I began to worry, I do not know how to deal with, like problems in optimizing external website, a customer said today, I feel quite right, he said, I see my website ranking does not improve ah, you didn’t update ah, I quickly said after listening to I updated, ah, every day I do external links, the customer said, I do a lot of Shanghai dragon’s friends said very important website update, I suddenly a bit did, may I have to pay attention to the website outside the building, suddenly The internal site optimization, search engine can’t find new content to your website ranking how good ah, how could it improve the ranking weight, certainly not is not high ah

2, a large number of exchange Links, let your website snapshot update and fast import weights, no regular increase of Links, it is easy to search engine that we cheating, really, this approach is very dangerous, very undesirable.

3, by way of cheating, such as the use of software and acquisition, these are not desirable, this software is used to establish good things if you want to waste station, long-term development is not desirable, this acquisition function I felt only in the site construction and weight high website is available, I have a 贵族宝贝06xushi.cn/wangzhanyouhua/ station in Shanghai dragon -jishu.html, the actual web design, if the station is used to collect data, that in a few days is a waste.

The structure of

here I have the mistake, the first is not impatient, not impatient, in fact, the quality of the rankings is a normal thing, the ranking is good you can not be proud, frustrated when not dropped, but not anxious, because the search engine algorithm, after all we are not very understand. Impatient and irritable will only make you more and more of the ranking is not good, so when we worry do not make a few points.

four is in a hurry when we will often use the way, I tell you these are not desirable, will not have any benefits for the website ranking, now the search engine has been mature, won’t let that we find loopholes, such as the Shanghai know love >


4, modify the title and description of the website and the website, which is very dangerous to fix our website will be completely K out, want to save will be difficult.

1, a large number of outlets, do not pay attention to the content of the original, we think more is better, no matter what, in the Forum on a large number of reproduced, resulting in a large number of spam links, so that any benefits we will not, after more and more search engines let you hate.

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