How do enterprise stand better find the original article resources

seven, is also a big comment but if the original point, increase the enterprise function, will increase a lot of pressure on the site staff strength. In order to quickly review.

two, national labor model, the enterprise has advanced individual. Each enterprise has a lot of good people, can be used to render their deeds company image, establish a corporate heroes. In addition to personal stories, we can also extend to writing from personal growth, family and other aspects, which not only increases the amount of original, also created a warm atmosphere for enterprises.

recently this time has been busy doing stand and optimization, so the update is slow down. Leisurely quiet courtyard just this period of time, many enterprises station asked me how to update the original article more, so as not to become a very difficult to be picked up a needle in too many pseudo original in the sea.

three, for the company, the most important thing is the product. So the product can make a fuss. The most abundant content, said here, refers to the whole process of product manufacturing. Products such as raw materials, production process, product processing machine, product packaging, product characteristics, enterprise products and so on, every little detail can be used as the enterprise website soft paper original, even the product specification, can be used as the original content of publicity.

four, do not know if you have any understanding of the navigation station. Now many webmaster in the enterprise or product navigation station vertical navigation station. Then we can from this point of view, we can also do so in the enterprise station, but the form slightly adjusted, just a simple navigation station list or the list of products of the enterprise, we can do product comparison. Can achieve self product promotion by contrast, so the choice of products and the information that you compare business owners should be careful, because you know.

, five staff blog, now many large web sites have started the blog, the amount of original blog to promote the overall amount of original website. Here you can also increase incentives, or integrated into the company’s audit system.

six, recently a lot of speculation in the Mo Yan website, that we can also carry out the original article according to the hotspot information update. This specific.

quiet courtyard according to their own experience and make a summary in the online reading.

The analysis of

, every enterprise has its own unique establishment, development and growth history. Here can not only review the history of the company, the latest and publishing company. If the company has its own corporate culture and brand story, also to play, to expand.

eight, this industry, with fourth points have different approaches but equally satisfactory results and wonderful. Through the industry analysis, to highlight the advantages of the enterprise.

nine, the foreign domestic industry, many articles are false original quickly to do bad, then I >

Here you will

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