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finally talk about, recently my way rice network is to "123.125.71.*", it is in the new effect. Continue refueling, working out of the sandbox. At the same time also good luck ~

in the website optimization process, once the web site is not included, website snapshot is updated when the spider crawling trajectory analysis is very common. Many friends said that, once the access log at the site of the "123.125.71.*" appears in the IP section of the Shanghai Shanghai love is love right down spider spider, your site will soon be down the right, like this

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and the 123.125.71.* IP section of the spider, in fact, through the analysis of many Shanghai dragon Er that this IP is mainly used to capture some of the new sites or low quality sites. So, if you stand if it’s new, then you don’t have to care so much, only need to update your website, and pay special attention to the quality of the update, must not be in order to update and update. For some of the old station, if the "123.125.71.*" section of IP spiders, so you have to be careful of your station, analyze where the problem is, or is likely to face the danger of K.

from rice road network 贵族宝贝45fan贵族宝贝, reproduced the need to indicate the source of

answers carefully read the official, certainly is the "123.125.71.*" section of the IP is definitely not what right down spider spider. This can be done by love Shanghai Webmaster Platform LEE in answer to see.

and "123.125.71.*" IP instead of spider segment "220.181.108.*" also known as the right to mention, we just spiders, we don’t think it is not right. But at least in many webmaster friends of the web business, if you stand most of the 220.181.108.*IP section of the spider, so congratulations to you, your site is very healthy. General this spider IP will appear in some of the old station or high quality website.

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