Talk about the long term mechanism of Links website

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we can often see, whether old or new webmaster webmaster, every day in the busy for friends of the chain, the chain is the same as in the lantern, like this method, the time delay does not say, development of the site is also dangerous, is not hard for friends of the chain, but some make use of the rope, if your site is not good, once a problem, these links will not only help you, suddenly ran one disaster after another, one will not Not the least trace was found., to the role of a chain, then, how can we find the true friends of the chain, to establish long-term stable Links the following? I do have experience with liberty rebate chain users, tell your friends three points, hope to the webmaster friends help.

we do have a chain with the utilitarian purpose, no doubt, but in the actual operation process, not too much force, or make no friends, change to high quality Links. Some webmaster friends every day staring at the chain, a day to check several times, look at that included less than himself, for a while and see who snapshot lag, always worry about others influence yourself. People’s mind, the world in the same way, look at yourself, and think about the people, is not the same idea? In the search engine complex today, all factors are in the setting list. A change that could explain what? We must fully believe friends, treat people with sincerity, the main idea is used in the development of website optimization, it.

in this circle, can be said to be a galaxy of talents so that the talented men still remained in concealment, we must be modest. Don’t talk. Then again, no one is perfect, everyone has his own advantages, everyone Sometimes an inch may prove long., have different expertise, also have their own blind spots. We want more and the webmaster exchange, share experiences, share the sorrow, not only can promote our technological progress, the most important thing is to find true friends. Become good friends, is not a natural thing link? And is a long-term stable, able to withstand wind and rain chain. I do in the liberty at the beginning, due to lack of understanding of the code, has repeatedly ask for a netizen, he carefully explained to me repeatedly, every time they delayed more than an hour, sometimes remote teach me, which made me feel shy, feel owe people great feeling, no thought report. Then one day he proposed to exchange links, I checked his station, is only a first collection of new sites, while my station is already PR2, the weight of 3 included hundreds of thousands of websites, but I did not hesitate to agree. Because I think that friendship is greater than all, first make friends, another chain, is the original meaning of a chain.

filed a website construction, natural and ultimately Links. Although it is not what the crucial link to the site’s ranking, included plays a role can not be ignored. It can be said that the quality of a chain of a website, determines the site of public recognition, determines the future of the web site.

, willing to help others, make friends with

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