Shanghai dragon version of journey to the west one of the year Shanghai Longfeng road to learn

Shanghai dragon is a very mysterious thing, many people want to know what is the Shanghai dragon stuff, so amazing, everybody also vowed to learn Shanghai dragon. As the Tang Priest, that all the disaster is also to be bent on Buddhist sutras. After 99 to eighty-one, many demons and ghosts. But in the end did not give up, as the buddha. We are Shanghai Longfeng way of Tang Seng, however, Tang Seng rarely buddha. Lonely, temptation, wavering thoughts may cause us to lose. Today I will give you the monk how about a year to get the book of Shanghai dragon.

to the teacher’s office room, the teacher called on me to the most basic Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, such as how to view the site of the Shanghai love snapshot, if you look at the web site and the chain, and the choice of keywords, setting and so on the title. Morning time teacher give me some theoretical knowledge, and then I see myself in that the teacher prepared the Shanghai dragon, do not understand ask teacher

last April and May, Shao Lianhu was fortunate to know a free local education in Shanghai Longfeng teacher, but also pay less, although only enough to eat. But I wanted to spend money to learn, no matter how much money. As long as I can learn Shanghai dragon. But the second day I went to work.

received interest as the apprentice Sun Wukong, two apprentice station was two – three apprentice apprentice pig, adhere to the monk, I learn from success.

want to study with a teacher in Shanghai longfeng. I only own of Shanghai dragon. Because I love the Shanghai dragon, I also believe that as long as I love me, I will certainly be able to learn. And when I was three years ago had learned the website construction technology, made a >

afternoon teacher gave me some Shanghai Longfeng work, such as how to classified information network dissemination of information, how to register the forum forum signature, how do Links, how to look for the chain resources etc.. Then in the afternoon when I started the work of operation. And I also do a Sina blog, to record the daily learning situation.

met Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai dragon road

and the teacher gave me a Shanghai dragon books, or abroad. I work during the day, time to go home to read. But at that time the Shanghai dragon books really cannot read what meaning. Do not know how many I have to record second days to ask the teacher what he meant.

did this for twenty days, because at that time Shanghai dragon well done. I also from the Shanghai Phoenix teacher goodbye. Say a love so sad, but not to learn the Shanghai dragon. What ways? Learning Shanghai dragon also only then on your own. Pizhou could not find a place to learn Shanghai dragon.

Daisen GuideWhen

learn from Simon many demons, received the first three apprentice

Since no

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