Shanghai dragon website drop right whether you really understand the reason


site is down right, this is a bad news for every care of the site, the site was down the right of many, such as snapshot not update, not included, site can not find the page etc.. Although these are the webmaster do not want to face the results, but when the results came in, not sad or disappointed, first we have to find out the reason of the right to be reduced, making to local solutions. Then the author today share our daily encounter some easily lead to be right down, hope for all of the "sick, no physical disease" effect.


of the site, the content is the cornerstone of a site, the construction site must be steady to be successful in terms of content. For some owners may be more lazy, the content is directly collected by the. This method can be seen in the short term included increase, but for the long-term development is not the site, search engine found in articles similar articles, the first stage are included, but will take low weight site duplicate content. This often leads to the search engine doesn’t trust you, or even a snapshot not update or snapshot effect. So your site need is unique high quality original article, at the same time we update the article at the same time also should follow the principle of gradual, especially new sites, not three days fishing nets two days of drying.


search engines love stable site, especially in the domestic search engine – big love Shanghai, the basic information of special antipathy a site frequently modification site, write just the start of Shanghai dragon owners when the release of their new sites, often send beacon information does not fit in a few days, he repeated modify. This is a big taboo to search engine, search engine will not start to trust you, the last possible search engine spiders will crawl to your site. So for the site of the basic information of this one, I believe that in the new line before you should do a comprehensive planning and positioning, to avoid the line on the website frequently modify site information.

server is related to not only the search engine is more basic will seriously affect the user friendly experience. If the first service was garbage, the most direct impact is the search engine spiders, because the site often grind to a site can not access or access speed is too slow, will cause the search engine spiders lost information to you, then don’t come to your site to crawl. For users, if your server is rubbish, users can at any time, rapid access, friendly user experience will be greatly reduced.

two: the site is down right, because you changed the basic information of


: a web site is down right, because you are too focused on the content of

website every two or three days

three: the site is down right, because your server is too much garbage

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