Seven key points of personal experience of Shanghai Longfeng optimization scheme

in general small website with dream weaving program can, does not recommend the use of other procedures, the reason is if you are on the other program is not very familiar with your future maintenance cost will increase greatly, because the more familiar with the background of the template and the dream dream, phase >

according to the 2 requirements to choose us to do target keywords and long tail keywords.

: a

3 site program

(3) the cost of the domain name (about 100 yuan / year)

, the domain name 1

profit modelWe use

(1) to be done after the brand (domain name with brand name spelling)

we are going to do the preliminary planning, according to the US industry for example: we should choose how keywords competition? Choose profit model is what

(1) his (with a stable speed test procedure was then used to love Shanghai statistics for the velocity measurement, it is best to have hits)

(2), key words flow we must choose these two factors can meet the comprehensive requirements.

(2) function (whether to support the 301 turn, 404 error pages, double, IIS log, pseudo static

(4) server hosting fee (cloud server 5000-15000 server, other demand pricing)

, 2 space

keywords ?Keywords ) site locationThe site mainly refers to the location of

(2) if it is resource station (we use the keyword name as the domain name, such as Taobao off site)

we are in the construction site to tap the large number of keywords, and then carry out targeted screening, to determine a good early target keywords and long tail keywords from the screen, when we choose the target keywords and long tail keywords must consider two important factors.

orders, or direct manufacturers, or do advertising, if we have the products can do direct manufacturers, if a platform or to others or take a single user advertising to make money like some QQ, which is a novel, picture station depend on the flow of money, then this we will determine our profit model, because the direction of your profit model different your website is different, your site’s long tail keywords and website content will be different.

two, the domain name space

(3) space charges (200-300 yuan, small website of VPS about 1000-2000 yuan)


Select the

(1), the conversion rate of

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