Shanghai Longfeng retort is a cheap online promotion means

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chain for the site of the Shanghai dragon is very important, and we find that the chain resources shortage, blog, BBS signature has the weight of the poor, for the site to bring the Shanghai dragon effect is not obvious. This many enterprise site in Shanghai Longfeng process will need to buy the chain for site support. Some companies will buy some of the weight of relatively high site soft release authority, released some articles with links. These should be summed up as the enterprise site of Shanghai Longfeng.

: the uncertain factors become the hidden costs of the largest expenditure of Shanghai dragon

Shanghai dragon competition there? We just find a certain keyword search, the search results may have hundreds of pages, but actually can profit is only the first page of the site. It makes us feel: "achieves guku million". Shanghai dragon competition is brutal, often in the first page of the site after the profit has not had the competition to head broken and bleeding. While in sleep without any anxiety the first page of the site should be? The water to flow downwards, you are up, then you will be ready to face to challenge your opponents position. In such a brutal battle in Shanghai Longfeng do you think Shanghai dragon is a cheap way of promotion? Often have a choice of many enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng, bustling about a stage after rash and too much in haste, and do not have any income, because the competition is too big.

is not a once and for all in Shanghai Longfeng promotion, which rely heavily on search engines, as long as the search engine algorithm has been updated, and if our enterprise site just no gun, then the enterprise by the site’s income will be basically zero. Even more frightening is the punishment of the search engine is not to say that the one or two day, there may be a period of very long, and blow at this stage enterprise online promotion will be greatly, income, the conversion rate will drop, this is undoubtedly a lot of hidden costs. Exclude the search engine algorithm to update our site, there may be in the process of Shanghai dragon in touch to the search engine’s bottom line, let site in K risk. At the same time, we also need to fear our competitors for malicious attacks, your natural ranking, you are vulnerable to peer envy, or even malicious exclusion. These factors we need to be incorporated into the hidden costs in Shanghai dragon.

asked why Shanghai dragon who choose Shanghai Longfeng site promotion business? I want to say that nine out of ten Shanghai Longfeng cheap. Indeed, it seems that Shanghai dragon do not like PPC pay money as a bottomless pit. However, the actual situation is Shanghai dragon is in high quality and inexpensive way of promotion? The author thinks otherwise, because we are not Shanghai dragon looks as long as the hair, the hair of the chain, it is still hidden hidden costs.

three: the chain is a cost of

two: Shanghai dragon fierce competition

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