Method of noble baby drop right 1 hour fast recovery

by A5 first, welcome to reprint.

2, to view the site administrator tools aristocratic baby, found some can not find the page and a page cannot be accessed, regardless of sitemap; normal; so I went to generate the website address of the XML format; the administrator to submit a tool in time; < / p>

since 2007 has been the site, now also has 4 years of time, did the management and website are no less than 100. In March 2, 2011, the first met his management of the site is noble baby drop right into the Google Shahe phenomenon. Since I have contributed more than a year of the company marketing the main place to Taobao after the original zhuzhandian is not what concern, until March 2, 2011, idle and do I use the tool out, eyes (I almost fell so myopia, wearing glasses, not Wang Han showed that kind of no lens oh) —–pr 0 the original PR; not 4? How did I get to 0, and then find another my personal portal site, PR2, has not changed, it came to estimate the bad, landed aristocracy baby, link:www.***贵族宝贝 showed that 0 of the reverse link; then site found no home in the first place, it came to the site Google is down the right, but also pulled into Shahe may be more than a year of the website.

3, you want to update to the website search engine, also need to add new content to the website; only as a result of the test, so I added only 2 original articles (this time do not think of what the original article, how should carefully write one or two things) < / p>

1, Links (see website, this strange ah ~ ~ himself, has been a long time not to see, a carelessness!), because there is a lot of Links detection tools are only testing the other site is the link to other websites like Shanghai collected and the PR value, rarely see also detection noble baby the situation, so there is no way, only one site to site, after inquiry, obediently ~~~30 a lot of Links appeared 4 baby right down by the nobility. So do not have two, how high, blame him website PR directly delete the re generated web page;

to do the above 3 after work, I was busy with other things, in the afternoon, estimated to be over 3-4 hours, I to the noble baby site domain name, this time back home, but also in the first place. Use the tool inquires the PR value, or 0, I think it is the nobility baby server has delay. Home site out weight site will slowly rise.

is a pressing matter of the moment immediately resume website, I do the following work:

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