How to optimize the keywords in order to achieve better results

?Key words:

correlation between each website has the main keywords, but not everyone can search directly to the word. User search habits is most consistent with things they care about, most can express their thoughts. Such as what effect you, and so some correlation between keywords, because the search probability of these keywords will be higher, also have a greater chance to search on our website. So we can do some anchor text, in order to promote the optimization of these keywords.

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keyword is a series of users, search engine key between websites. The construction and development of the website to optimize keywords, can be very good to improve the quality of Web site keywords, increase the weight of the website, to promote the development of the website. The keyword is the website development need to pay special attention to the part, how to optimize is webmaster to pay special attention to the topic of keywords. What kind of Web site keywords optimization, in order to better promote its ranking, improve the quality of site

Keywords: The

website, do the keywords optimization is a key step. For web site keywords optimization, need to choose the brand keywords, keywords correlation aspects. Also need to observe the keyword density, proper distribution of keywords. Keywords optimization is the foundation, is the cornerstone of the website optimization, if the words can get good rankings, so natural website weight can continue to improve, the effect will be better. The source of Chongqing Si 贵族宝贝cqsihan贵族宝贝 (please indicate John education turn the original address, thank you)

density density is a key point to emphasize, if the page keyword frequency is too high, will think that correlation between web content and keywords is higher, so in order to promote the key words, many people would be the accumulation of a large number of keywords. In fact, keyword density is needed in a normal range. But the high keyword density will be regarded as cheating, the user experience is also very unfavorable. Appropriate about 3 times is the appropriate density, can achieve lower bounce rate.

brand mainly refers to the site of the brand, a word can represent unique advantages of website. Now people pay special attention to brand awareness, brand building hopes to get better promotion effect, let the website development better and faster progress. To develop the brand, need to start from the construction of brand keywords, let people see every time, hear, to search the words all can immediately think of the brand, brand effect.

Key words:

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