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does not make money for the purpose of starting

Note: the reason that the personal webmaster grassroots, because the largest number of Internet practitioners is the lowest, literally doing high-tech industry, physical labor, call them heroes, because they form the cornerstone of the entire Internet industry internet with them was more exciting. Compared to the current e-commerce people, they are more pure Internet people, because electricity providers do retail on the Internet, they do what is on the internet. Today I will try to recall their experiences, let everyone know another group of real life, maybe more messy, even a lot of content will vary, and try to remember facts, such as the deviation, please forgive me.

with all the people on the road to personal Adsense, not to make money, but because of interest, I was the same. No one in the beginning to tell myself to become a personal webmaster, but with the continuous development of the time, it becomes, when you look back, you have to stand in the position.

has been working for many years, has not reflected on the previous experience, now simply tidy up, talk about the Internet grassroots heroes story.

then at the earliest China Cafe appeared in such a class of people, most people chatting on , chat room, or a red alert, and they continue to draw resources on the internet. They search the most basic network knowledge, they learn the HTML language the most basic network, they try to use the original language to build the most simple online home. The slow personal homepage has been unable to meet their requirements, and they are growing gradually. They discovered a good thing called free space. This free space could give them more room to play, and they could free themselves in the space, so they learned how to use FTP. But after all, good space is scarce, resources are limited, and some of the free space of the site is only 10 places per day, so these people in the Internet bar waiting for 12 points, and then to the fastest speed to apply for space. Slowly, China’s good empty!

Wang Peiya: what has changed in the history of personal webmaster

first contact network is in the second year, it should be 2000 or so, the first on the site called 163, increasing with age, gradually crush on this new world, gradually explore all the new things on the internet. Network chat, Internet news, download, e-mail, OICQ, and NetEase’s homepage all slowly moved into my life. I believe most of the early personal webmaster, is to try to build their own personal home page at the beginning, this is the most fashionable thing at the time of the Internet, just like today’s blog and Weibo, there are many cups of tea. I also have the desire to act, and I want to build my own base on the internet.

you shlf1314 AdSense publisher Hello, if you choose the October payment for remittance, now you can go to receive your remittance income!

1. log in to your shlf1314 AdSense account and click on the payment page; if it shows October " payment has been issued " click the " on the edge of this link; payment details ".

2. in the payment details page, please print or copy the following information and carry:

* your payment monitoring code MTCN, this number is 10 digit number.

* details of your payment details, such as the $123.45 to cents.Detailed information on

* Department of human hair:

hair sinks: shlf1314.Inc

send Department Address: 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA

3. carries your valid ID with you, such as identity card, driver’s license, passport.

4., first select the nearest Western Union agent, you can access the payment-solutions/agent.asp, please submit the address from " Product" " product in the drop-down box; Quick Cash" exprs. You will then see the list of your latest Western Union agencies. If you don’t find it, please call West Union’s free service hotline 8008208668 for your advice.

5. go to your nearest Western Union agency or branch to receive payment payment, if you have any questions, please call the remittance free service hotline 8008208668 for help, we have to Chinese remittance department contact in advance related matters, to believe that they can help you.

6. if your name is not Pinyin payee we introduced the standard format such as Liao Xi, Zhang Xiaoming, the name before, in a space after the middle name, please click here to apply for change of name, your Pinyin payee please note that you do not need to change the name of your remittance Chinese payee.

7., if you change your payment terms between October 25th and October 30th, your payment is very likely.

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