Shanghai Longfeng workers how to face the work of helpless

we did Shanghai Longfeng people know, keywords ranking if using a formal means in a short time is not so easily done, if we use some cheating means that website ranking will be up soon, but it takes a certain amount of money. As for the small business owner, they do not understand these things, they think that if I ask you to do site optimization work, how long do I let you home, you must do it. If you do not home or flow, it can only show you the ability. We have to do with formal methods, need time, but the boss who really can not afford us ah, they do not have time to wait for two months after the keyword row to the first page, this is our project in Shanghai Longfeng helpless: formal means the home page is slow, the cheating in the future will have a bad effect on our website, you say Shanghai dragon is a good worker how to do

second ranking

In fact, ?

third Shanghai dragon does not have enough resources to

The boss has no time to wait for

for now the smaller network company, not the Shanghai dragon does not have the ability to engineer, but the company that really affects the environment of Shanghai Longfeng workers thought. In fact, Shanghai Longfeng workers have their own ideas and opinions, they may have a little right to speak, even if they have the sovereign but they also can’t decide what? – mainly in the following five aspects:

the first Shanghai dragon workload Engineer

in the company, not the Shanghai Longfeng workers did not want to do more work, but they don’t have more time to do more work. If for a bigger company will be better, the website has special editor to update the article, the chain from the special to the hair of the chain, a special Links Commissioner to exchange Links. But, for a small company can not be the same, so these jobs require workers to complete their own Shanghai dragon, to update the article every day, to send the chain, exchange Links every day. Moreover, in order to chain these people have to update my blog every day, write soft, mail and so on. In fact, people do not have the energy is limited, to finish the thing to do, because it is such a big workload, which leads to Shanghai Dragon Engineering did not encounter much time more to study Shanghai dragon strategy, there is no more time to think more ways to increase site traffic.

project in Shanghai Dragon

, Shanghai dragon in this industry, is not your ability is high, the most important is your resources in the end how much for the difference between the novice and veteran Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon is, there are many veteran master forum or in various areas of high grade resource account, and any forum for the novice submission website, blog and so on need to start from scratch. So, we do Shanghai dragon is part of the reason is how much depends on your accumulated resources. If we do not have enough resources.

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