Shanghai dragon Er novice website optimization we need to do the preparation before class

wrote the article you were writing now, but now we object of writing and writing is a very big change, especially the quality of the high quality of the article is to enhance the quality of the website and the user experience of reading is the most powerful weapon, the search engine attaches great importance to the original high quality article, we do not require each articles are original but the basic resource integration and discourse organization ability is a must. Our sole purpose of writing the article is through the website content quality to attract more visitors, bring more traffic so as to enhance the website ranking to get a good conversion rate.


"what constitutes as a rookie we must understand that, whether more complex applications such as PHP or ASP, or even more advanced JSP, the program finally completed and sent to the client is HTML static uniform code, when we click the right mouse button, select" view the website source code can see a lot of static code generated by the client, the website optimization process is a very important detail is the "weight code optimization is essentially the site actually. It is reasonable to use the complexity of the HTML tag to simplify the whole site procedures, such as paragraphs best use P tags, Title H markers used, you must understand some basic weight labels should be used and how to set reasonable, so the basic HTML is necessary to understand and study.

we know that many small sites are stored in the remote virtual space, web server, this time how to access the virtual space through the local computer to carry out some simple procedures is particularly important. Analysis of web server log for website construction, website background download backup files need to login server operation. After the general website space service application is complete, will provide the landing site of FTP information, such as the IP address, username, password and port etc.. We only need to download some software such as flashftp or CuteFTP landing can be, although not often used, especially the use of virtual space when adjusting the foreground file or download the backup file and the FTP software is inevitable, so we have to learn this knowledge.

first, must understand the basic HTML language.

as everyone knows, website optimization process is actually a process of winning details, as a specialist if we want to improve the efficiency of site optimization, must do the preparatory work before the site optimization, as a Shanghai dragon ER may not only to deal with the details of the various aspects of website optimization, many times as a full-time webmaster role, following the author and share new Shanghai dragon er for web site optimization we need to do the preparation before class

second, will use its own virtual space and FTP software.

third, must cultivate and improve their ability of the organization.


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