Shanghai Dragon Technology novice research do not possessed by the devil

second: watch the search results click or click

website to see the weight of

?The first point:

always felt I can conquer some keywords ranking, always feel that if I try to do something that can go beyond it, but in the actual operation, but it also seems difficult to find beyond ah, the chain is also in the ah, the content is perfect ah, why still ranked no improvement in

third: go to the forum signature authority

I don’t know since when the browser is installed on the Shanghai dragon quake plugin, and this plug-in advantage is that we can see the basic information website, believe this plugin is no stranger to the Shanghai Phoenix staff, the website data analysis which can help us quickly, see see, see included quantity, weight Alexa ranking etc.. May I trust to see this website, I may be in order to accumulate their own the chain resources, optimization method maybe I want to learn this station.

play Shanghai dragon is like playing online games, ranking each into a bit like a level, when we row to the first, the feeling is like a martial arts master. I agree with this view, Shanghai dragon is used to play, if you think it is fun to play; simply hold in order to make money flow or mentality to learn, is more difficult. Playing games all know, early upgrade is very fast, more to the latter more difficult to rise. I understand from the beginning of Shanghai dragon is what meaning "to now is still in the study of" what is the meaning of Shanghai dragon ", is pioneering in Shanghai Longfeng knowledge level, the research of Shanghai Dragon technology level has also been improved, before learning and understanding of Shanghai dragon and now the comparison will find some casual habits, and I used to call these small Shanghai dragon possessed by the devil, for me personally, take these little habits to share out, look at the guest if you are in the condemnation of


a search result in the search engine, there is a link to click on the promotion of natural impulse, ranking without any click desire, do natural ranking people hate those who do the natural promotion link, and for natural ranking competitors, we are very stingy to own a ip. You are such a

fourth: See rankings XinBiTianGao

occasionally wandered into a popular forum, always used to click on some popular posts, see the following reply with a signature, these things are in the accumulation of the chain resources down when the wrong, well, Shanghai dragon staff is so bitter.


often watch TV a practicing martial arts warrior obsessions, so as to study the technology of Shanghai dragon are you obsessed? Said so much, just want to tell these zouhuorumo friends: out of Shanghai to see Shanghai dragon dragon, to get up, put it down. Especially the Shanghai dragon beginners, mentality "

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