Shanghai Longfeng optimization break the normal procedure does not take the unusual way

set up their own website Wikipedia

I believe you have seen Tian Ji Horse Stories, Tian Ji three horse than the king’s weak, in accordance with the order from strong to weak obviously can not win, then took the advice of Tian Ji bin, in order of appearance to change the game, get the result of victory. Shanghai, too, now Shanghai dragon competition team, money and resources, if you do better than others, but also to optimize the main keywords – according to conventional hot word, long tail keywords sequence of words, but obviously than others, why not change the location.

friend asked me what kind of work is done, the Shanghai dragon optimization, then made friends admire the surprised expression, the expression I understand, Shanghai dragon how profound and mysterious industry. I can only smile, the original in this line is to do so, now reduced to toil every day is alive, the hair of the chain, write original, outside the chain, write original, your sister ah, last year I bought a table.

website long tail keywords Title

Lonely Nine Sword is powerful is because he did not move, do not follow the routine play, and to discover the weakness of other moves. Shanghai Longfeng optimization to today, is not mature, but the routine should be almost fixed, even in many methods and techniques, but it has been fixed, and now Shanghai dragon Er needs to do is to break the existing rules, to innovate, not conservative.

Shanghai dragon should not be so, nor should Er Shanghai dragon of toil he should, is a profound art, an aesthetic skills. We should not go to others every day update the number of articles, should not go than daily published a number of the chain, love Shanghai search engine optimization guide does not explicitly say the amount collected and the number of the chain and the weight and ranking is a direct link, search engine algorithm is unknown, we can not because of others do follow Chinese, other do not say, is that many people, with thousands of people go to an even highway, as another way to go bridge, there may be unexpected harvest.


in the chain rampant today, many owners are ignored in the construction of the chain. I want to say the chain is not controllable, why not put in the chain to achieve the ultimate control. Look at the love of Shanghai encyclopedia that almost every word has an anchor text link, I need to do is to build your own website Wikipedia, first around the core keywords all relevant keywords are listed, each one of the words have to write a summary of this chapter explain like Shanghai encyclopedia, when then then update the article when it comes to these words, this article will link to.

here are a few stationmaster I think generally use less moves, if you are Shanghai, you may master, it can not be said to be a contemptuous disregard, innovation, but at least I think, to think, this is progress, even if the method is wrong, at least I am willing to try.

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