Rookie learning Shanghai Longfeng original writing experience

The first paragraph of article

page title "key words" on behalf of the entire page all the key words in the title set, most call page title is the title of the article, so set the title of the article is also very important, the title of the article to appear keywords. Changed some time ago love Shanghai algorithm, description seems to be so important to the previous article not included here, do not explain.

for the body is inserted in the picture, suggesting ALT attributes, and the keywords set in the ALT property.

webmaster friends know Shanghai dragon principle "content is king, the chain for the emperor". No matter how you optimize your website, how to effectively increase the chain, original content is still the most friendly to search engines…

page title contains keywords


above is my writing, I hope to help other friends Oh! The first to write their own operating experience, where there is a discrepancy, thank other webmaster friends more treasure >


article in the place, can anchor text links, as the chain anchor text can be bold; emphasize, but do pay attention to the internal anchor text, we must pay attention to what URL what a keyword specified. Do not appear in the same anchor text, and each point is not the same as the URL. (it is recommended to do a long tail keywords record, so you can at a glance, which a keyword corresponds to which a URL).

is also to have the right amount of keywords appear, the total not more than 8% can be secret. Don’t write articles to write the article, not because of the keyword and write a word the whole article reads to let the user feel smooth, rather than keywords piled up sentences.

The !A little experience

here I want to say is the end of the article: the article recommended part after editing, can be at the bottom and like my site in autumn have red dates editorial recommendation ", some blog also has such a function, do not need to manually add, then the long ago post title list, add a hyperlink. Love Shanghai included in this article, you will continue to crawl along the link, have not been included in the article at this time may also be included. The increase included at the same time, but also enhance the good user experience, the user after reading this article, can also see the article and related articles. I want to try this, the effect is really good, have not been included in the article suddenly was also included, that is a happy

is keyword placed in the most important position, so as to increase the quality of the website. But do not pile too many keywords, keywords in an article density we all know is 2%–8%, the first section required major keywords;

then how to write original articles to search engine spiders crawl? At the same time, should pay attention to what

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