Case analysis the medical industry of Shanghai Longfeng month summary report

: early included low, but gradually screened included good website, give up included not ideal site.

1. platform, have been found to depend too much on the publishing platform;

7. from the technology, equipment, services, experts point of view.


5. word class keywords to the home page, the main keywords and disease keywords pointing to columns and pages. General 2-3

;The release of

The lack of high quality

encountered problems in the process of

The middle of The content of 4.

content is king, people in the pseudo original also failed, a part of writing is relative to spend more time, but mostly in the order changes, not to the marketing of the anchor text pointing details are perfect, to spend time long-term rate difference phenomenon. The next will try the pseudo original, participate in editorial team training, more efforts to improve work efficiency.

The pseudo original

keyword relevance is not strong enough;

two, the problems encountered and solutions:

Solution: 3.

2. distribution is not natural;

, a chain chart: X month released the chain integrated

3. article marketing guide is not strong enough;

The first section of


post: expand the new platform, is not stable.

2. as the natural distribution of 3-4 keywords, the natural distribution of 2-3.


summary reportThe analysis of

6. collection of pictures, and try to have a marketing picture.

2. the chain survival guarantee; the chain is released after being removed, is not audited by

7. kinds of word of mouth is a single point of view, the hospital;

release encountered in the chain:

XX year X month

is working to improve

patients from the psychological perspective, analysis of the patient needed information, marketing guide.

5. anchor text point to home page;

: a collection of relatively stable platform is not extended.

1. the acquisition compared reluctantly, the high similarity of

3. Title repetition, lack of keywords for the center.

1. from the station, other well-known hospitals, disease, special collection keywords related articles.

4. the content around the keywords, keywords from the text removal.

6. did not do with pictures;

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