Fish sharing resources outside the chain of four weight high


chain often do, but there are some careful friends find a phenomenon that some of the chain number is not much weight and website ranking than some of the chain number over a thousand million of the station is better, this is why? In fact, need quality more chain instead of single to pursue the number of.

is a new online just want to quickly get good rankings and the weight, the only correct way is to do the content and strive to build the chain, and the content of the construction of a fish have been in front of an article in the times mentioned today, a fish to share their often go to the top four high weight chain concentration ground.

3: the same type of ranking web site message board before

said the high weight of the chain, have to mention the encyclopedia, the Encyclopedia of love in the rankings and weight transfer effect, high stability and several advantages by chain builders. But often we do for a long time the encyclopedia had found it difficult to have a few can, hurt our enthusiasm. I want to let you edit the encyclopedia smoothly through the light has high level account mentioned above is not enough, we also need to be careful and patient to edit entries, carefully edited entries to the general encyclopedia rate several times higher than just do things carelessly through the. So even if your account level is not high, as long as the intention to write the content, also have the opportunity to have

2: love Shanghai encyclopedia, search encyclopedia, Wikipedia

Oh, this is the successful ploy, we all understand that we often go and some rankings better than their own weight higher than their own site exchange links they are definitely not willing to, but we can actually use their website content page message area do the chain, the effect is good, practice we all know, here I will not say more.


1: love Shanghai know, Search ask the question and answer


classified information site chain or in recent years a high weight chain way before the rise. Comparison of the mass classification station 58, 114 people, classified information, ganji贵族宝贝, including ganji贵族宝贝 and 114>

we all know, ask whether class rankings are one of the best in Shanghai or in other search engines, so the chain resources so well of course we can not easily let go, but because this kind of question of foreign chain audit efforts increasingly strengthened, we make some new friends can not start, often facing outside the chain just second days to be deleted embarrassed exit. I want to easily leave your site links, we must learn to practice, in general, whether in love or in Shanghai know ask is the higher level of long-term survival and leave a link probability is higher. In the registered account, we do not immediately released AD, the first day to answer your own question, adhere to a month, you can permanently have a strong chain resources

4: classification information website

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