On the way to win the contents of the website optimization

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as a full-time Shanghai dragon Er, and as many webmaster, will be faced with access to the web content, we all know the love of Shanghai website content higher, with Everfount content, website ranking will be very easy to do, but also have the one and only content, site of the long tail keywords will bring considerable traffic that is beneficial to the website ranking and website profit. Any site operators who know the most valuable traffic, you can put the cash flow, the difficulty lies in how to obtain the content. In Shanghai dragon why have such a sentence: the problem is that Shanghai Longfeng content sources, inheritance in return users. It sounds great, but it is the essence of. Below from my personal website operation and optimize the site experience to talk about how to create good content, to make the website optimization by content.


website optimization

two is an essential tool for

, a fresh unique content is the site optimization must yield

from a personal point of view, think of a person running a type of portal website is not possible, but on the Internet or the owners of hundreds of plates to no lack of such people, to update the site every day they work content, but did not get good results, often this site halfway in. The Internet is not what has left footprints, and then began to disappear from the Internet, but also can’t bring any income to the owners. This is a large number of small owners appetite is quite big, but can’t imagine long roots, hundreds of columns, large Internet Co, how can a person worth thousands of others? As a small station, only to the site location, a suitable location, you can create a fresh and unique content. Not to copy and paste from other sites, such sites will gain weight not high, naturally get good rankings and flow. According to my own experience, in the whole Internet only in self to find oneself find the website content is a good web site, only this is the content, the weight will also get higher. There are fresh, not every site from others copied a few years ago the content posted to their website, the content has been rotten, you re released is chewing the rest of the Steamed Buns, what is the taste of

in website optimization, I have always believed in such a rule, not afraid not afraid of website content, website content not only. We are a small webmaster or a small team cannot play hundreds of thousands of sections of the site, but cannot play the portal. We can play is compared in a field of professional and specialized website, this website is the best we are most likely to grow. Also, the relatively high degree of specialization is not involved in other website portal, but also in the website optimization, this created by our own professional content easier to get the favour of search engine, ranking and weight will be high. Do most afraid of a "abuse", all in.

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