Three of the ultimate brand by Shanghai Dragon

three: the ultimate soft area to spread

after selection and keywords ranking stable vertical field, seems to have done a part of brand building. But if you really want to build a brand, but also to walk very far, but also very much. Here on the last point, I recommend to you is the promotion of soft paper. Soft Wen promotion is a tool used by many owners, and.

two: the ultimate keyword ranking to stabilize

The development of

in Shanghai dragon matures, many owners are already familiar with the basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon. In the forum, see some Adsense said the Shanghai dragon brand post, I am interested in this idea, actually I always agree, has been in use. So, for the use of Shanghai dragon to build their own brands, I also have something to say. I think we should do this thing need to put three things to the extreme, otherwise, brand building will be some resistance, are described below.

if you want to use the Shanghai dragon to build their own brands, another core of things is the keyword ranking. At least your core keywords have very stable ranking and the ranking of the best long-term before three. So, this part of the search keywords people will be familiar with our website, search engine is our best advertising platform. We want to further understand this point you can open the search keywords love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon, and then look at the Shanghai dragon WHY brand is how to build, how deep. He used one of the most common way to achieve their own purposes, he put the words of Shanghai dragon to achieve the ultimate, many people will take the initiative to spread its reputation. If we want to be famous in our industry, so please make good use of Shanghai dragon, make good use of the search engine, it will be a necessary way, but also a great opportunity. Shanghai dragon is a sunrise industry, in the time to build the brand, need to do keywords penetration, the user’s mind.

the Internet now have a lot of opportunities, but these opportunities have been too many people fancy, we leave the only great competition. Therefore, in the gap to talent shows itself must have a certain strategy, especially the human resources and the limited personal webmaster. I think the best way is to do a thorough vertical field. For example, if you are a special snack snacks website, it is best to achieve the ultimate, the depth of excavation, don’t eat drink play to Ledu, these different aspects seem related, but not all take into account. If all take into account the words is bound to share your energy, and may finally have to grasp a. Now the Internet user consumption has gradually become more rational, so we want to establish their own advantage and barriers to competition must follow the path of specialization, the road is not the end, there are too many things for us to think of.

: the ultimate vertical field to

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