How to fix Google included to achieve better rankings

Google for the website ranking has great difference with the love of Shanghai, such as the requirements of the new sites, Shanghai love is generally not to the railway station, what a good ranking, unless some of the more popular keywords, and Google is not the same, did foreign friends know when a new ranking is better than the old station perhaps, it is to be more timely and more quality content! Engage in foreign trade website also has a period of time, there is a certain understanding for Google, although not fully grasp its rules for Google included and ranking said his below to an understanding of this aspect of it:


Google included for many webmaster is simply a little case, don’t put it in the body, only need to website content, whether good or bad, often included is very much, in fact, we found that although Google included many, but we have to see how much the number of your site article, included rate is off and there are one hundred thousand articles, only included the 10000, looks really huge, in fact, included rate is only one percent of the poor, also collected too many sites, if a period of time did not go to the management and optimization, Google weight will be greatly decreased, traffic from Google will be scanty, Google recently found to love Shanghai agree with the taste for the probability of the copy of the included is reduced.

The difference between

and Google ranking love Shanghai is the largest it pay more attention to the quality of a single article, a good original article or false original article, it can realize the fast included, and >

from the search engine algorithm can realize time changes, and the methods and strategies for the website optimization effect is constantly in flux, this only by careful webmaster experience slowly, and for Google to love Shanghai "sensitive" degree is much smaller, perhaps it is straightforward and open to foreigners like

, for Google included


search engine algorithms are not the same, so the optimization method of the website is sometimes different, a better understanding of the principle of search engine, can be more targeted to deal with, so that the site has a good ranking algorithm; change makes the webmaster confused, although we all know Shanghai the main role lies in Longfeng content and the chain, in fact, we subdivided, which relates to the small details is too much, such as the practice of the chain: Forum, blog, question and answer, the soft, previously found love Shanghai know the chain effect is very good, now many webmaster may have feeling Shanghai love, know not tight links increase the coefficient of difficulty, but also function in reducing, even if you add a link to an article in Shanghai are not included and the recent love; Find a free blog search to the search engine’s favor, originally registered blog takes a long time to "feed" to let search engines, now it is different, the new registered Sina blog can be loved in Shanghai included many:

two, Google ranked

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