n 2011 the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love the most practical combat skills

Three, the text entry

entry form is also can through the entry form should note the following:

3, in line with the general style of writing. This should follow the general encyclopedia logic structure, advance level. From the general definition (Introduction) narrates, gradually expand the content, step by step, not abrupt.

2, in line with the general release of Internet content typesetting specification. Reasonable structure, arrangement of paragraphs of text attributes, with a unified style arrangement. To avoid the abuse of editor layout, layout leads to reduced to fragments.

1, the fluent, logical. Easy to read text, text must be fluent, logical.

reference is illustrated by reference text and reference links, located below the text entry, entry is referenced in a credible and verifiable general information, including books, papers, magazines, cyber source, is the entry contents (including >

entry name must be clear, precise, concise, and to the maximum extent to avoid ambiguity. General use keywords series entry through the very difficult, unless it is formal, professional terms without modification of words.


Objective: using

is the paragraph headings of various aspects of entry contents included in the review and classification, similar to the paragraphs in an article title. And don’t have to look at the directory entries to determine the length of your content, if your content is not much, can not entry directory, if your content is much, will use the directory entry. Because the directory entry will headings index entries, display the chapter structure, click on the directory directly to the content, both for the convenience of reading related products, but also greatly enhance the good user experience.

five, reference

now love Shanghai encyclopedia is very difficult by the love of Shanghai’s increasingly stringent audit. Lovely Shanghai encyclopedia can bring us a lot of traffic, how can we easily make entry through? I think this is a lot of worries, here I will talk about some skills through practice and summary of my


the text entry is used to illustrate the main text Wikipedia entry information entry theme, composed of paragraphs or sentences. Through the description, help the reader understand. The text entry should note the following:

The .Key


3, overall: in the "accurate" and "objective" basis, multi angle and multi position information rich content and theme related entries.

2, neutral third party representation, an objective description of the facts, to avoid emotional and subjective narration.

1, accurate: exact wording, ensure the effectiveness of the entry information, and has a strong correlation with the theme of entry.

two, paragraph headings and directory


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