Look at the website of Shanghai Longfeng outbound links from not only into the brave

to brave luck luck, increase the festive festive psychological understandable, but "not only" psychological law and the development of modern commercial society misfits, impossible to achieve the purpose of linfe.

site outbound links, refers to the web page with hyperlinks to other websites. Outbound links can guide users to access the site to access other sites; at the same time, the export link also became a landmark to guide the search engine spiders track access other websites related pages, leading to their web search engine to other site weight.

but later, I found many well-known blog website, there are some high weight and valuable web site outbound links, guide users to read. Then, I was pleasantly surprised to find that some owners in their web page for my blog to do outbound links.


didn’t think it was because of the brave blessing in disguise, "not only", Pixiu is N generation of Chinese people respect for the various ruishou Pixiu felicitous wish of making money, as the theme of the arts and crafts It is often seen.

somehow, a brave in heaven at random, heavy soil, the Jade Emperor was furious, a slap on the buttocks to the brave, brave ass was sealed. Later, the brave gold jewelry to keep eating, but turned into not only.


took the site outbound links, this not only into the psychological also harm and no benefit for website construction.

legend for brave dragon eight prince, it all day long to gold and silver jewelry for food, so covered in jewels, bearing extraordinary, won the Jade Emperor and the king loved.

beginner when I think, Shanghai dragon, do export their link to a big loss, Lei Feng did not know. So in addition to Links, outbound links will not do, must not let outsiders fields

(pronounced pí Xi; brave game), leading, horse, foot Lin, the shape of a lion, gray hair color, flying. Ferocity, be responsible for the safety and security of heaven.

Spring Festival is approaching, all kinds of legendary auspicious auspicious blessings have also appeared, people Caiyuanguangjin, wishful peace, increase how much joy auspicious – of which the brave felicitous wish of making money most people welcome for Chinese festival.

after further research I found that appropriately in a professional field more professional and authoritative web site some outbound links, although they may lose part of the site visitors, giving export links to certain web page weight; but this website "to know know, admit what you don’t know" attitude to the urgent need the knowledge (or service) of the users to provide greater convenience, left a good impression, at least in the user and search engine in mind, will give users and search engines to leave this website is very professional.

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