Owners choose four methods of long tail keywords

two index of online search platform. The first step is to find the long tail keywords, if you do not see this, then you understand the words you choose have done some traffic? If no traffic, or just a few people occasionally search words, even up that have what use? So, can not be ignored in the two online index query the platform, they can provide you the day which words flow, what words mean flow stable for a year, which words have special long tail keywords and related search terms etc.. By using the two query platform, and more clearly understand the traffic trends you want to do the word how to establish a drainage scheme using long tail keywords so as to better. Love and Shanghai index can also be effective to query the population is mainly concentrated in what place, so it’s easier to make their own analysis of the words themselves have no use! So, the two query platform, make use of, get more than 1+1=2 so little.

I often use this method as a new website to add keywords. The author of the steps is as follows: first analysis of the target keywords competitors, now known as the competitors, so its website must have a certain rank, the author is usually the first choice on the website after analysis, one by one to beat them, it is beyond them, such as their station not just on the line the ranking, then from the tenth page or eighth page, analysis on this web site, first think of a way to go beyond them, then the above analysis. Because beyond one by one, give yourself the fun is not mentioned in the same breath station. Keywords analysis of competitors, pay attention to target keywords opponents in what, Links words with which words, what the article such as the bold, through careful excavation, and finally put up keywords acquisition through the text of the way of consolidation, and then to the query index platform, one query which words flow, competition less, so that we can more easily put the station up.

long tail keywords selection method three: search engine search


site traffic is generally on the target keywords to ascend. But if the target keywords competition is particularly fierce, when they do the difficulties encountered is particularly large, may also be half did not do, so we have to think of other methods. In this case there is the long tail keywords drainage said. Is the extension of long tail keywords to target keywords, it through a combination of targeted keywords as a phrase or a sentence to show. So since we do not target the more competitive keywords, why not long tail keywords to ascend? Method can be changed, not that the deficit is immutable and frozen, their. So today is to analyze how to use the long tail keywords to improve site traffic and how they choose long tail keywords flow.

long tail keywords selection method two: competitors website

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long tail keywords selection method: love Shanghai index, Google index

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