Secret BAT board survival rules unicorn company has suffered painful choiceMMS alliance and its his

will BAT as three mountains, is a latecomer insurmountable ceiling. Some people will get BAT investment as holding BAT thigh, landing BAT board".

so many entrepreneurs will face such a choice – whether to take BAT investment, holding BAT thighs

for entrepreneurs, whether you need to get BAT investment? When to get their investment? How to integrate resources? Use trade resources properly? These problems become more and more important, but has not got enough attention.

however, the other side of the coin, sometimes because startups will stand, but to help the other competitors get giant support. In addition, due to the scarcity of BAT resources, some entrepreneurs expect the flow of resources and business cooperation as expected, and even did not reach any cooperation.

‘s BAT investment is its ability to get credit endorsements, especially in the To C model, as well as companies with higher cost of doing business.

"we are doing second-hand cars, and consumers have questions about such new brands. The most important thing to solve is how to increase the confidence of our customers.". For this reason, we came to Tencent as our investor during the C round. Because of…

, it’s time to rediscover the role of BAT in the army of entrepreneurs.

when BAT total market capitalization of more than 3 trillion, the three Internet giants increasingly clear their boundaries, they no longer personally end, but through investment to complete the strategic layout.

, according to IT’s latest statistics, about 65% of Unicorn companies have invested in BAT. For start-up companies, BAT is both a money – rich gold owner, an Internet giant with traffic and a wealth of business lines, which can help entrepreneurs quickly open the market. As drops and Tencent, drops by subsidies quickly opened the market, and access to WeChat level entrance resources, with Tencent support is not unrelated.

land "BAT" board". Is BAT investment a panacea or a poison?

brand promotion on the use of these strokes, in July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

endorsement effect

?The most obvious benefit of this paste, just talk about the MMS in the past, to list the League situation, can not help but relate to ad forgive, not the accuracy of the content is responsible for

the earliest MMS, 02 years in some kind of ring Tom 163 alliance, then SMS special scenery, just how 1000IP can be registered 2-3So few people have to do

so put more.

development after several months of settlement are very stable. Do website also increased, 03 years in July 14, 04? 163 alliance forum, an administrator seems to joke post

: for some reason this alliance will stop within a few days, all of the alliance, Tom 21cn, China full stop. Estimation of mobile first siege

and another Shenzhen company formerly called 353 MMS stars, also appeared in    

04 years later, some of the monthly MMS, profit quickly expanded, each SP in WAP IVR, MMS subscription.

in July to combat pornography, edge personal website, Sohu MMS. Others like the opportunity to escape or death, or disability, or hide

after October until 2005,

MMS ring as many webmaster SP CP highlights,

currently on the market, including some new MMS alliance out

everyone car used car business platform as a C2C mode, the main solution is the process of consumers in the car, the trading platform, but as the subject of the transaction is different, the higher the value of the new second-hand car, compared with 3C electronics, clothing and other categories, users in the transaction trust in higher cost.

therefore, we specially interviewed dozens of entrepreneurs and investors, two business case and choose one of the advantages and disadvantages of BAT investment analysis, the reduction they obtained in the mentality of BAT before and after the investment, what to think, this is other entrepreneurs for reference sample.

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