New sites to quickly get traffic You may wish to do so

, in response to new station how to quickly get traffic before, I would like to ask you, where do you think the maximum flow, operation site of friends must know, it must be love Shanghai, and a few products in Shanghai, we love the novice site can use products but also love Shanghai and Shanghai Post Bar know love. So how to use love and love to know Shanghai Shanghai Post Bar to their new sites for flow? The question I know and I will use Post Bar divided by two parts to talk about specific.

In fact,

railway station, how to quickly get traffic, this is to make every novice webmaster are quite a headache, but in my blog, often there are a lot of new friends asked me to tell you the truth, I want to tell him, but time is limited, plus they are newcomers, simple talk about it may not be able to understand, so you want to write an article on the new sites to quickly get traffic such an article, and to communicate with you.

next, we come to talk about the love of Shanghai know.

first, we’ll talk about the love of Shanghai Post Bar.

love Shanghai, has become the people of our generation’s most basic living habits, whether in life or work, do not understand, do not understand the love of Shanghai, has become the most It is quite common for things, it is precisely because of this, imagine the sea know love >

Shanghai Post Bar is what love? Love is in love with the sea in Shanghai Post Bar under a similar forum website group, and each group has its own distinctive theme, such as a pet, the vast majority are pet friendly, and it is the aggregation of the electricity supplier, basically is the electricity supplier group. After understanding these characteristics Post Bar love Shanghai, we will find that in fact love Shanghai in Post Bar users are quite accurate, for example, if you are selling a pet, then you go to buy a pet, which basically except a few of your peers, we can say the rest are likely to be your target customers, target customers in a such intensive place, how to give your site drainage, you spend some time groping about is really necessary. Of course, in a name we initiated is called happiness to help novice webmaster in Xing Shi detours, strive to achieve profitability in the plan, many webmaster friends in the us to explain the unique advantage of Shanghai love Post Bar after a plunge in, just a few days to achieve profitability, but also have a lot of friends do a period of time, the Leng didn’t make achievements, there is a considerable part of friends try a few days post or feel heavy or deleted, directly under the effect of no conclusion. Here, I want to tell you is love Shanghai, love Shanghai Post Bar as one of the core products, strict management is indeed necessary, think everyone can literally in the inside of the post, then you will need to do, in addition, Shanghai Post Bar love love Shanghai in weight is very high, you do one will benefit from the infinite, but this may well experience only those people can get.

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