Soso became the reflections on the site first traffic sources

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the Sogou type "parking lock price", found as follows. The first is three for promotion, then a Sogou shopping.

2, Sogou

site in the bidding advertising in Shanghai, can at least make a break from the love of Shanghai traffic etc.. Soso counter attack has become the first site traffic sources, it seems a bit is not scientific, please let the author come.

site keywords in Shanghai love in the overall ranking is good, but the input "remote parking lock", Shanghai has found love left front page 8 for promotion, followed by a love Shanghai encyclopedia, a rival site, then our own station. With the "remote parking lock" the love of Shanghai index is only 100, although the station in the sidebar display is ranked third, in fact users see is eleventh, find the first screen to.

two, why is there such a big gap flow


I turn in Shanghai love type other keywords, the core keyword "parking lock" has 8 for advertising, then there is love love Shanghai Shanghai encyclopedia, library and love Shanghai. Although the overall ranking of keywords is OK, but from the site from Shanghai to get very little flow of love. Every day no more than 20 ip.

1, Shanghai

is the three search engines in the overall ranking is too large, the author through the use of tools and manual inquiries, the station found that the overall ranking is not very large.

Considering the


loveAlthough the

as everyone knows, the domestic search engine market has been in love with the sea and play a leading role, 360 search Sogou behind to adopt a different strategy to catch up, but love can not shake the status of Shanghai. Soso the search engine, executives quit, staff turnover, in the Tencent system status declining, in addition to the media about the recent speculation soso failure theory, almost fade out of our field of vision. However, I was surprised to find himself a car website, has been successful to flow from the soso counter attack love Shanghai, 360 search and sogou.

Sogou shopping, pictures of products, product prices, product introduction, more important is the product reviews. Although the website ranked fourth in Sogou, Sogou after shopping, a B2B and 58 city. But Sogou shopping have a strong appeal to users, intercepted a large part of the flow. Sogou shopping channel product information, rich and multi channels, is the author of the site and not. So, from the website to Sogou not much traffic, a whole Sogou little traffic, the two auction >

, a website in three in the overall ranking of

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