China Unicom to respond to loopholes non national system vulnerabilities did not leak information

China Unicom to respond to loopholes: non national system vulnerabilities did not leak information

[TechWeb] reported on January 9th news, according to the cloud platform vulnerabilities. Chinese exposure Unicom, China Unicom China stakeholders responded that the vulnerability is a project of China Unicom Research Institute are loopholes, not national system. After the discovery of the dark clouds immediately told Unicom, China Unicom technical personnel are being repaired, the current China Unicom’s monitoring shows that there is no information leakage problem.

yesterday, the exposure of China Unicom cloud platform vulnerabilities exist, the vulnerability can query any user call records, SMS send and receive records, geographic location, login social accounts, etc.. Vulnerability involves important sensitive information leakage, hazard level is high".

Relevant personage

cloud platform said the vulnerability does exist, and the harm of higher level, the description of the vulnerability mentioned may harm are true, he also said the entrance is a loophole should not appear in the low vulnerability. Has been handed over to third party vendors (CNCERT National Internet Emergency Center) for processing. (Ming Yu)

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