Tens of millions of people to borrow money to finance the survey may flow into the affiliated compan

field certification mark and label suspicions of peer-to-peer lending tens of millions of "financial capital" to survey

newspaper reporter Zeng song Shenzhen reported

January 22nd, P2P net loan company everyone loan launched the seventh phase of the preferred financial plan, the total size of up to $20 million, to press time has raised nearly 7. The program is used to automatically grab the site of the site of the "certification mark" and "institutional guarantee".

investors do not have to keep the computer, can the priority of investment scarce standard loan, the borrower to get the money, sit peer-to-peer lending service charge for this transaction has completed about 50000000 yuan, all looks good.

however, there are indications that absorb most of the financial capital of the "field certification standard" (hereinafter referred to as real landmarks) has many doubts, do not rule out the suspicion of forgery; tens of millions of funds may flow into Affiliates "friends" high interest loans.

field standard suction gold tens of millions of

was founded in 2010 of the "peer-to-peer lending business consultants (Beijing) Co., Ltd.", is regarded as a new force in the P2P net loan. Three founding partner Yang Yifu, Li Xinhe, Zhang timely from Peking University, Tsinghua University, respectively.

due to the domestic credit system is not perfect, online lending risk is difficult to control, restricting the growth of transactions. Thus, the development of all loans under the line with the audit mechanism of the field.

practice is: the borrower to contact peer-to-peer lending partners Beijing "Friends of the UTS Industry Company (hereinafter referred to as" friends) in various parts of the business department, by the investigation of the loan project to friends, to ensure the authenticity of the audit materials. After the investigation, the borrower can release a real landmark, credit rating for a class, you can enjoy relatively low interest costs and service fees.

site on the Internet is very popular. So far, everyone has released 7 loan financing plan to raise more than 50 million of the funds, the vast majority of investment in the field of certification mark".

and peer-to-peer lending ordinary borrowers, borrowers relative standard field of mystery: they tend to be a few days before issuing registration, no previous loan records, there is no unified name in pinyin or photos, and digital components. It is reasonable to infer that the field is issued by the background uniform.

scan the data, there are 3 doubts: the first is the amount of highly repetitive. From January 17th to 21, the reporter random statistics of the 100 real landmarks, 18 different cities, the purpose of different borrowers borrowed a unified $52900. Another 16 people borrowed $40600, the 15 borrowed $27500, the 9 borrowed $54100…… If the amount is the whole million, repeat is not surprising, but the highly fragmented data, I am afraid to use the "coincidence" to explain.

interview with this reporter, Gu Chonglun, vice president of risk control is responsible for the interpretation of the loan, investors invest in a scattered amount, by the person

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