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A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) May 5th news, last week, there is news that Ali will submit IPO documents today, as if it has not happened so far. Known as the largest ever listed company Ali, IPO road has been the concern of all walks of life. However, Ali IPO road has been difficult, listing is comparable to a striking one snag after another plot twists and turns, the TV drama


Alipay shares repurchased

listed to increase leverage

earlier this month there is news that the Alibaba is negotiating with the main shareholder, to repurchase shares of Alipay, the share is expected to reach 40%. Alipay electronic payment service for the Alibaba group, so it plays an important role. In addition, Alipay to enter the field of financial services, currently controls a monetary fund China the largest amount of $87 billion.

The relationship between

Alibaba and Alipay has been controversial. Ma Yun in 2011 from the Alibaba Alipay spin off, the reason is the only way to get paid license. As a result of the completion of the transaction until the Alibaba after the notice to shareholders, causing dissatisfaction with YAHOO and other major shareholders, they believe that this squeeze the value of its shares held. So, why in 3 years, Ma once again decided to Alipay back to the Alibaba "basket" inside the


U.S. investment bank Bernstein Research

analyst Carlos · (Carlos Kirjner); Ke Kenath believes that the valuation of Alibaba between $240 billion and $250 billion, which contains only $6 billion worth of alipay. Therefore, if Alipay’s ownership changes, will further enhance the valuation of Alibaba.

Ali crazy behind the acquisition of

either acquisitions or shares Ali has now involved in various fields. In terms of social force is pushing their dealings, but also do not let off on micro-blog, unfamiliar street investment. The recent shares of excellent soil is to make up for the defects in the video industry, and with UC push god horse search was also a threat to Baidu. Investment rookie, small shrimp music, the acquisition of high morality, intime shares, the launch of entertainment treasure and so on these actions. It seems that people do not understand what is the intention of Ali


IPO with enough chips? On the one hand, Ma through capital movements to expand the perplexing market to create space for Ali, on the occasion of the listing from big shareholders to repurchase shares, the introduction of new investors, thereby avoiding the concentration of shares in the hands of major shareholders; on the other hand, Ma stood behind the entire Internet industry chain on all kinds of allies.

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