Jane said exchange chain platform operating experience

      in fact, talk about the exchange chain, we should understand its meaning! The exchange chain is simply the way many stations exchange links through a single platform! Exchange links is to promote each other’s own station.

      following into the subject, to talk about how to gain

exchange chain

      first of all, I would like to ask you how to run the exchange chain platform? How to put the situation? If you exchange platform for the chain code webmaster more, this also means that you will have a substantial income, some people may ask this, how to profit? There are two ways! The first one: Earn platform sales commission fees! Exchange chain platform owners, you can set the proportion of fees in the background! If you exchange platform popularity popularity, then buy more points to sell more points, this ratio can be adjusted to increase the number of. Many do not say according to 10% calculate! (in fact, already very low) if your day trading volume can reach 200 thousand of the numbers, if the quality is good, the price according to the 100/2RMB, so doing is 4000RMB transactions, fee income is 400 yuan RMB, this is just a number if, like some of the more popular popularity chain, continued charge received 20%! (the black death)

      second: is the amount of deduction (this is not recommended)

      this is very simple to set the proportion of the background can be deducted! (any platform has the function, if not you, that’s not as smooth as a program) is not recommended to do the swap chain platform friends do, to do so is to make their own platform to the end! You just started to buckle a little webmaster do not feel anything, but the webmaster will always find! Ha ha, or go to the station is more formal management methods!

      some platforms may exist such problems, my master said I integral platform is more expensive, the price is not Oh exchange chain platform for the main control, these are freely traded,         you can’t control yourself but you can by the method of mediation ah! Here is recommended to you a way, if you have a platform to sell the station to sell points 100IP/2.5 yuan RMB. And some webmaster want to buy 2.3    2.35 to buy, it is not how much money, but some webmaster heart is not to come over, he will send 2.3    the price of 2.4 acquisition!         platform will sometimes worry about this problem, how to make the trading platform active, so that more people to release the cumulative transaction, (that is, there are many people put your code, points in more, >

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